You're Integrated With Your Veterinary Practice Management Software,
Now What?

Find Out if You Have the Wrong Integrated Partner

An integrated solution should eliminate manual tasks to simplify payment operations. The benefits of integrating payments with your veterinary practice management system should include the following upgrades: 

  • An improved in-person payment solution: Using a cloud-connected countertop or portable terminal to securely capture payment details. 
  • Secure payments via Phone or Email: by sending a secure pay-by-link request to a customer
  • Online Payments: With a “Pay Now” button to your website.
  • Recurring Billing: to automate prescriptions, daycare and grooming packages.
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If you are missing one or more of the benefits listed above you may not have the ideal integrated solution for your practice.

You should have the freedom to choose your payment preferred integrated payment solution that allows payment information to seamlessly flow with your software.

In addition, your office staff should be saving hours on operational tasks collecting payments. This eBook contains 4 Tail-wagging Tips to Boost Productivity. Plus, uncover 5 Easy Tricks to Save Money.